Class Spotlight – PowerRow

01 Feb

We’ve developed our class spotlight series to give you a little insight into the objectives and programming of each class offered at Coastal Rowing Studio.

PowerRow – Get the most of your workout by incorporating correct technique & power!

The second class in our Class Spotlight Series is PowerRow.  PowerRow is a 45 minutes interval based class.

One of the great benefits of indoor rowing is that it improves strength and cardio endurance.   PowerRow focuses on generating more power from your body than the rowing machine for an incredible full body workout.

During a PowerRow class you will focus on the rowing stroke and how to develop power in your stroke to increase the intensity of your workout.  Each class will improve your rowing stroke through practical knowledge and application.  The Concept2 PM5 monitor installed on every machine provides constant feedback to the rower about the speed and power of each stroke.  Using this, you will learn how to engage your body to produce a more powerful, efficient stroke.

Similar to how you get stronger by using heavier weights in the gym, in rowing you get stronger by developing a more powerful stroke.  As you produce more power your muscles are working harder which in turn increases the strength and overall tone of your body.

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In this picture you can see the large muscle groups that are used with every stroke.  As you can see, rowing is one of the most efficient exercises around.  Come experience it for yourself!





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