• Experience the Power of Rowing
    Experience the Power of Rowing
    The Lowcountry’s First Indoor Group Rowing Studio
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Can rowing really be a complete workout?
Join us for Rowing101 and find out.
Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm or Saturdays @ 8:30 am.


Our Classes


PowerRow adds power to your rowing workout with high intensity interval style training (HIIT). This class burns calories, builds strength and will challenge you to leave it all on the rower! All levels welcome.

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EnduranceRow is all about the meters! We will row longer distances at consistent rates to help increase your endurance and aerobic capacity. This class is great for the endurance athlete looking for a great cross training option. All levels are […]

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Row + Go

Row + Go is 30 minutes of HIIT training providing you with a hard hitting, effective workout in a short amount of time. This class is great for those who need to make the most of their lunch break!

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FitRow is Coastal Rowing Studio’s combination fitness class. This class features shorter periods of rowing alternating with exercises off the rower using the TRX Suspension Training System and bodyweight exercises. All levels welcome.

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Yoga Row

YogaRow combines strength, cardio and flexibility in one complete workout. Each class begins with a rowing session designed to increase your strength and cardio endurance. The second half of class takes you off the rower and onto the mat for […]

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Rowing 101

Rowing 101 is especially designed to teach proper rowing technique. It is through proper technique that indoor rowing becomes the full body workout it is intended to be. All new clients are encouraged to take this complimentary class in order […]

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Benefits of Rowing

Rowing is an exercise appropriate and beneficial for all body types and fitness levels. As an easy, low impact skill to learn, rowing is an activity you can enjoy and benefit from for a lifetime.

  • Provides strength and endurance training

  • Offers low impact exercise with high results

  • Promotes Weight Loss and Reduces Stress

  • Provides cardiovascular benefits

  • Increases core muscle strength

  • Promotes healthy body composition

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A Word from Our Clients

  • Small intimate rowing boutique studio. Clean, well equipped (mats, towels, etc.), and wonderful staff.

    Jane R
  • Fun “must have” introductory class. Good review of equipment, posture, and techniques to get the most out of the exercises.

    Doug C.
  • Fun workout. Unique. Cheryl and Brian were great at explaining the method. Looking forward to going back.

    Rebecca L.
  • It was fun and easier than I thought. I’ve done two classes now and it doesn’t appear to bother my back or my knee. Yay! I can’t wait to finish my free starter pack of classes!

    Suzanne R.